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Austin Reddington is an Emmy award-winning artist with a passion for animation and storytelling. Austin has worked on a wide range of projects and specializes in creating production quality visuals. 

Austin finds happiness through hard work and dedication to his wife, kids, and Creator.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."

- Ecclesiastes 9:10



If you're afraid to dream you will never create anything new. Big dreams and small dreams alike are a pebble perched on a landslide. The potential for creation is not yet tapped. Once you tip the fulcrum, a dream starts to slip into reality.



This is where it gets messy. An idea is perfect until it is put into motion, then the holes that our brains leap over have to be filled. Every detail is painstakingly hammered out until a story emerges from the ashes.



Everything must come from something. Dreams are built upon the ideas around us. Therefore it is only fitting that what we make will in turn cause others to dream, create, and inspire.



“Many network professionals have acknowledged that his work in the broadcasting industry is of the highest quality. He spends countless hours creating and perfecting hundreds of graphic elements used for broadcasts, streaming, and stadium fan experience. Austin’s can-do attitude inspires everyone who works with him. His work ethic and commitment to excellence reflect the character of a man dedicated to serving the Lord and his clients.”

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